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New Button

New Button

You may have noticed a new feature that has just been added to RefWorks: Find @ BU.  This feature allows you to quickly find the fulltext of a referenced article from within RefWorks.

When you are viewing a list of references or an individual reference, you will now see the “Find @ BU” button next to each reference.  If you click on this button, the system will attempt to find an online copy of the article in one of Boston University Library’s many databases.

Find @ BU

Because there are so many different databases with articles, each with a different interface, exactly what happens when you click on the button can vary. In many cases, a new window will pop up with a PDF or HTML copy of the article. Other times, you will be taken to the table of contents of a journal, and you will need to scroll down the page to find the article you want. Or you may be taken to a list of issues of a journal, and you will need to use the citation information to find the exact volume and issue you need.

Although the library’s databases have the fulltext of a huge number of articles, they don’t include everything, so you may instead see a page like the following. This indicates that the system was unable to find an online copy of the article in the library’s databases.  Such a result is usually because the library doesn’t have the referenced issue of the journal, but it could also be because there is something wrong with the citation, such as a misspelled journal title or an incorrect volume number.

Find @ BU error page

Find @ BU page


If you get this results page, you should double-check the citation, and you can use the links on the page (“Go”) to see if the library has the journal in question online or in print (note that it is possible that the journal is available online, but not for the year in which the article appeared).  If you need the article, and you have confirmed that the library does not have the article either online or in print, you can request a copy using interlibrary loan.

Once you have located a copy of an article’s fulltext, remember that you can attach it to the RefWorks reference to make it even easier to access next time.

Finding Books

If the reference is to a book rather than an article, you will almost always see this Find @ BU page, and you can find out if the library has a print copy of the book by clicking on the “Go” following Check for Print Holdings in Boston University Libraries Online Catalog.


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  1. David Fristrom

    RefMobile is a new feature that allows you to access your RefWorks account from a browser on a mobile device such as an iPhone or Blackberry. It will be covered in a future blog entry.

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